Company Profile

Fanamoj Company in brief


Fanamoj Company, founded in 1998 by a group of renowned university professors and telecom experts, initially started its activity by manufacturing radio links for multiple purposes. By the emergence of viable DVB broadcast standards this company embarked on research and development in this area. Thanks to this strategy Fanamoj became the first and the sole manufacturer of DVB products in the Middle East region. Today Fanamoj posses a rich portfolio of products in both terrestrial and satellite broadcasting.

Considered as an innovator, Fanamoj delivers cost-effective cutting edge solutions that are unmatched in the broadcast industry. The products have been evolved during several years by extensive research and precise analyzing of customer feedbacks. This fact has led to superior level of reliability, flexibility and excellent quality along with highly economic prices in our products.

Today Fanamoj Co. is considered as one of few companies in world focused on developing trusted solutions for broadcast industry.